About Us

North Miami Beach: It's a small city by the water of about 40-something thousand people, but only so many great minds and ideas from this place ever really make it out into the world. With that said, the weather is perfect, nothing is more than half an hour away from the beach, and it's my home.

Ever since i can remember, my dad has worked on the internet, and is fortunate enough to be able to say that he can put bread on the table for a family of four. He always likes to live as luxuriously as he can, and he would always save up money for a few years at a time to get the fanciest car or the shiniest watch or the latest tech, since he got so much joy out of putting smiles on his family's faces. One day, out of the blue, he told us all about how he's been saving up for this one thing for 9 years and finally put enough earnings to the side to get this one huge 55 foot long boat that he'd always dreamed of cruising around the intracoastal waterway in. A couple weeks pass on after that conversation, and in due time, he got the boat. The only problem was that he needed help coming up with a name. So I thought to myself, "well, he went and got a boat, fuck all the haters who said he couldn't do it, my dad spent that money right." So i keep saying in my head "fuck haters, fuck haters, fuck haters", and decided to run it to my parents, that we should name it something along the lines of fuck haters. So we're brainstorming, playing with the saying, interpreting it in our own way, and thus the title "Huck Faters" was born.

For a while after it was just smooth sailing (literally), and one day I found this little box full of sun shirts and hats that had the title on the sleeves, the front, and the back, After looking at these clothes for a little bit of time i was thinking to myself, "wait, this is dope, people would love it". I talk to my dad about them and he replies "Its just spare stuff for the boat, if theres something you want to do with it, go for it". With that being said, I take out my phone and start putting the stuff up on Snapchat and Instagram to make a quick buck; there were 5 hats and 10 shirts, they all sold out in the first few hours. 

I go back to my dad and told him how fast they sold out and about the couple hundred i made off of them. I explained how if we were to get more of these clothes, we could sell them out again, make money, lather, rinse, repeat. Then I got the idea to start up a clothing line sporting the clothing, and HuckFaters was born. 

It started out with just me and a notebook full of designs on shirts, and now we have a bunch of cool stuff, all thanks to a ton of ambition, creativity, and a little bit of luck. 

The underlying message behind Huck Faters is simply "do your own thing the way you want to do it and fuck the haters". Not enough people abide by that idea of being your own person, regardless of what society tells you to be. Everyone with the Huck Faters team tells those people, whether grinding on banisters, boarding down a mountain, wearing a burka, or just by virtue of the color of their skin: rock your style, keep your head high, your middle fingers higher, and say HuckFaters!